Like any job, being an electrician requires more than just technical knowledge of doing the job. It is obviously important to go through an electrical training program at a great electrical school, but there are also some very important non-technical skills that will help you go a long way as an electrician.

So, while you will probably spend 90% of your time focusing on the technical skills you need, you should also spend time learning or practicing these non-technical skills as well.

Communication Skills

As an electrician, you will likely be spending time in the homes of customers. This means you will probably be interacting with them. The ability to clearly communicate what you are doing in a respectful manner will make your life a whole lot easier. 

Likewise, you will also be communicating with other employees and your boss. Having great communication skills can be the difference between getting promotions and getting the best jobs. Your company is going to want to have people on the job who aren’t afraid to communicate, so if you can showcase your communication skills, you will be more likely to get sent on better jobs, which will also increase your chances of getting promotions.

Problem Solving Skills

It is very rare that a job will ever go exactly as planned. In most cases, there are going to be times when you will need the ability to solve problems. In a lot of the cases, it isn’t always about the technical knowledge you have. It usually comes down to your ability to solve problems.

The ability to logically think through problems and not rush into a bad decision is a major part of being an electrician. Problem solving is even more important as an electrician because mistakes can be costly to the homeowner, the business and yourself.

Time Management Skills

One of the perks of becoming  an electrician is that you are not restricted to working in an office. This freedom is one of the things that makes it so attractive to become an electrician. It also makes it important to have time management skills, as you will be responsible for managing your schedule to make sure everything gets done. In the field, you will be expected to largely manage yourself. 

Having good time management skills will ensure you give yourself enough time to finish the work efficiently. It will also help you from getting frustrated and feeling stressed. Likewise, it will also make you an invaluable employee that will likely be the first on the list for getting raises and promotions.

If you’re thinking about a career as an electrician, it starts with finding an electrical school to get the proper technical training. But, if you are truly looking to make a career as an electrician, it will also be very important to learn and practice these invaluable non-technical skills as well.