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I Start Your Career As An HVAC Tech

There are a few things every person looks for in a career: stability, pay, advancement opportunities and overall enjoyment. A career as an HVAC tech checks all the boxes!

Our HVAC training classes will prepare you for a career as an HVAC tech. We mix classroom lessons, hands-on instruction and soft skills practice to give you the confidence and skills needed to have a rewarding career as an HVAC tech.

Why Should You Want To Become An HVAC Tech?

The better question is why wouldn’t you want to become an HVAC tech! Entering into the heating and cooling field will give you the ability to work in a number of different disciplines, including air conditioning and heating, as well as the opportunity to work in both commercial and residential jobs. Best of all, with competitive pay, job stability and an increase in demand, it is truly a job that you can turn into a career.

I About Our HVAC Training Classes

Our HVAC training classes are designed to make you comfortable performing all the services required of HVAC techs. We do this through a combination of lessons in the classroom and hands-on training. Our belief is you will learn the most by doing and our classes will keep you busy performing the skills you will be doing on the job.

During the training program, you will learn all aspects of the HVAC profession, including:

  • HVAC installation
  • HVAC maintenance
  • HVAC repair

On top of the specific job skills you will learn, our HVAC training classes will also prepare you for the other aspects of the job, such as building a resume, interview skills, time management, communication skills and customer service. While it is most important to understand the mechanics and skills for completing the job, it is also important to understand how to be a good employee and to provide the highest level of customer service.

What Our Students Have To Say

“I came into this school with little to no experience in the field let alone any sort of construction. First day, felt very welcomed by our charismatic instructors. We dove right into hands on learning right off the bat and with a smaller class size the instructors had time to teach a little more personally and involved. They push safety and cleanliness so we can be the best electricians we can be. They even helped me make a resume and helped me look for jobs. I’ve learned so much about the electrical trade so far. Even though I haven’t finished the class yet, I feel as though I am ready to get right into the field without feeling completely lost and useless on a job sight. This isn’t just another college or trade school. This is a personalized training that will prepare you for the field with instructors that really have your back.”
J. Sparks

Our next HVAC Training Class begins in September 2024. Call us now to reserve your spot!

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